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Hello I am Garrett. I am now 11 years old. I can not eat peanuts/tree nuts or even be touched by them. Currently I am reacting to something airborne. Along with the peanuts and tree nuts I am also, allergic to red and white beans (consumption}. Most all seasonal allergies give me problems with welts and hives so I have to wear a mask. They make me very sick (having welts, hives, very itchy and a hard time breathing)
We fundraised to receive an allergy alert service dog to help me: Miss Mollie. She has helped me in ways that I couldn't believe, She was my best friend and over looker of me. But last October she passed away due to an illness in and I feel so lost without her. Currently we are starting to fundraise once again for me to have another allergy alert service dog to help me through my journeys to be safe.
I can not do a lot of things like other children my age. Which is getting very hard for me and increasing my anxiety. I currently can't go to the park, pool, or even church or school due to an unknown allergy; with Miss Mollie we are working to change things to open new doors for me & my family.
I have been to the hospital many times this year and have had 3 issues dealing with breathing, issues after touching something I shouldn't have touched, and now thinking maybe it airborne to something. So they just got done running more tests to see what else I am allergic to.
I have gone into anaphylactic shock 3 times this year. Miss Mollie made it so I didn't have as many reactions because she altered to peanuts! She also told my family when I am rebounding after a reaction. So my family decided to help me fundraise for another allergy alert dog to be able to reopen those doors we had opened with Miss Mollie. Please help me by making a donation today.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for ANGEL SERVICE DOGS