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Liberty Service Dogs, Inc. for Wags and Jenny

Angel Service Dogs, Inc. doing business as Liberty Service Dogs, is a 501(c)(3) fundraising for the training of Wags for Jenny for the purposes of service dog training.

At only five years old...

Jenny was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome. A neurological disorder, Tourette's is most commonly associated with tics and vocal outbursts. As a child, Jenny's Tourette's wasn't too much of a burden on her. She had issues with bullying and making friends, but was otherwise mostly unaffected by her diagnosis. However, as she grew up into her teenage and adult years, her Tourette's became a serious issue.

Today, Jenny's Tourette's is disabling. Her tics are about 85% motor (physical) tics and only 15% vocal tics. However, because of the severity of her motor tics, she has poor balance, chronic fatigue and pain, and must walk with mobility aids or use her wheelchair for longer distances.

At age 13, Jenny was diagnosed with chronic migraines and headaches, and at 15 with an anxiety disorder and depression. Her psychiatric disabilities make it difficult to do simple tasks or even get out of bed on many days.

Jenny is looking forward to being able to attend college independently with a service dog. In grade school, she could only attend with the aid of others, and missed out on a lot of school days and opportunities.

For a young woman of only 20 years, the outlook of independence is awesome! Wags will help Jenny's balance, tics, anxiety, and much more. She will finally be able to leave her home without the aid of other people.

Jenny's hope: "For my service dog to help me feel as though I do not have to be homebound due to my disabilities."

With your help in supporting funding for Wags' training, Jenny can reach her goal. Wags is an Australian Labradoodle that has been specially bred and is being trained to assist Jenny overcome her life's challenges. Wags will give her more options in pursuing a more independent and full life. Please help Jenny and her family by donating today!

Wags for Jenny

In the event Wags does not pass certification, another dog will be trained with the same specifications and this fund will be transferred to that dog. Additional funds raised from this campaign will be transferred into the Angel Service Dogs, Inc. General fund to help train dogs for other families.

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